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Submitted by brendan_orr on Sat, 09/08/2018 - 17:18


A Raspberry Pi W-powered touchscreen.


I have acquired an ELO IntelliTouch ET1525L and have started thinking about using it for a kitchen-based computer.  This will be the display of a RaspberryPi Zero W and will have:

  • Custom interface written in Qt (dependencies: cpp, qt, other libraries)
  • Access to MythTV/Kodi for live tv and other media aggregation.
  • Access recipes and Youtube videos.
  • Making automatic shopping lists by using a Symbol M2004-I000 barcode scanner
  • (bonus goal) Access to MPD server for apartment music control
  • (bonus goal) Using Google Assistant for voice commands and apartment automation
  • (bonus goal) SIP endpoint for video calls
  • (bonus goal) plus more ideas.


Implementation will be pretty straightforward.  I've opened the touchscreen and see that the power supply board has a header that supplies +5vdc/+0vdc rails which is exactly what the Pi and the touchscreen board need.  The touchscreen board itself is powered by the USB cable that comes out of it.  I will also add a USB hub that will expose some USB ports out of the side as well as providing an port for the touchscreen board.  The video and audio come out of the mini HDMI port.  I have some HDMI to 15-pin VGA converters which have some pins that can be soldered to for audio.  The video will be inelegantly go out of the unpopulated hole in the chasis where the USB type B port used to be and plug into the D-Sub connector.  Eventually I will desolder the VGA connector on the display board and wire directly from the HDMI->VGA connector to the display board.

The interface will be written in Qt.  Why Qt?  No particular reason, really.  Ever since I started using Linux  many years ago I've used KDE which uses the Qt library.  The interface will have a side "Dock" to keep to screen usage down.  I've thought about SDL since I'm planning to use it for my arcade machine anyway but then I would have to not only invent the wheel but the engine, the axles, the headlights...

Since google hasn't exposed an API for Google Keep (which is what we currently use for shopping lists)  I'm going to either have to a) Roll my own (which should be trivial with Qt's database modules) b) use an existing open source project.

I'm learning Asterisk administration and with that SIP endpoints.  In addition to the rest of my IP Phones I'd like to have a speakerphone capability for this someday as well.  And while I'm adding a microphone to this I can setup Google Assistant on the RPi for home automation and maybe interface control.  


Right now I need to get some more parts.  Things like mini HDMI to full size HDMI adapter and/or mini HDMI to vga.  Though if I use that liked adapter I might as well use a USB sound card for the microphone interface anyway.