New Site!

Submitted by brendan_orr on Sat, 09/08/2018 - 16:58

This is it!  This is the year!  It's the tail end of 2018 but I am determined to finally get some content on here (permanently) after how many years of owning this domain?  Right now no design, just content.  I want to get stuff up here first before starting to really make the space mine.  Also, I don't want the develop/design to take too much time away from the various projects going on.  Things like:

  • Shoehorning a Raspberry Pi Zero (W) into a ELO touchscreen case
  • Developing a Kitchen PC UI for the aforementioned touchscreen/pi amalgamation
  • My adventures in Asterisk and my Cisco 7960/7940s (in SIP mode)
  • An arcade cabinet that allows donations to be distributed to different organizations.
  • Robodesk - taking my current desk project to the next level with tilt controls!
  • Modding my entertainment center!
  • and more!


Right now I don't want to take on too many more projects as I want to get this list completed and done first.